The Best Adult Online Games Available For You

Adult online games are the new escape for adventurous men and women who want to enjoy a pleasant time from their private spaces’ comfort. It’s a fast-rising aspect of the gaming industry due to its realism and enjoyable features. Adult entertainment has existed for a long time, but with new virtual reality and 3D technology, the games have become more realistic and exciting. Many people opt for these means of entertainment to satisfy their sexual desires because of their ease of use and privacy. With these adult games, people can satisfy their sexual needs without feeling guilty or spending too much.

What Are Adult Sex Games?

These are interactive, virtual amusement designed for adults to satisfy or create their own sexual fantasies. There are many adult games on the internet that users can get to choose from. Each one has its own unique features that make it special to the players.

The online adult gaming world comes in various forms. There’s a 3-D simulation that allows users to have a clear experience. There’s also the virtual reality kind that will enable you to create your own characters and determine your fantasies.

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Why These Free Online Sex Games?

The reason why these adult games exist is not far-fetched. In this new age, sexual fantasies abound, and many people do not have the time or resources to live theirs out. So, with the internet offering an escape, people have turned to the virtual world for free online sex games to satisfy their fantasies.

Also, most of these sex online games are free, and they do not pose a threat to anyone. The characters are all fictional, and there are no risks of harm or emotional blackmail.

What Are The Different Types Of The Best Adult Games Online?

With the growth of the internet, the websites that feature most of these adult games have improved user experience. There are now virtual reality, 3D, simulation, and themed games, etc. You can tweak online sex game websites to suit your needs, depending on your preference.

Several sex games are available online, and some of these include fetishes and fantasies that make users more interested.

The Best Online Sex Games

Below are the reviews of some of the best online sex games. The websites listed below offer you great features, and when you choose any of them, you can rest assured of quality services.


VRFuckDolls pictures

VRFuckDolls is a virtual reality adult game that gives you one of the best sexual experiences online. It is a unique interactive activity where you get to create your own sexual fantasy world. Players start by selecting their adventure in a virtual dungeon or mansion. They can then choose existing fuck dolls or customize their own.

There are hundreds of body types to choose from, and players have the chance to create these dolls from head to toe.

VRFuckDolls is free and compatible with all Virtual Reality devices, including Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream View, and Samsung Gear VR.

All the games are also playable without a VR device on your mobile phone and tablet or PC. The experience is surreal, and the positive reviews online attest to this fact.


RealAdultSexGame main page

RealAdultSexGame gives you the ultimate sexual experience. It’s ranked as one of the best websites to play online sex game. The site’s user interface is pretty simple and easy to navigate. Players can choose between starting a new game or loading an old one, i.e., you can continue the last activity from where you stopped without losing progress.

New players get directed to a page by the server, where they get to create their own avatar. You get to decide your doll’s hair color, tattoo frequency, and the game’s environment. Players must verify their age before they can proceed to play.

RealAdultSexGame is free and easy to play. The interactive experience is nothing short of magical, and you’ll always come back for more.

Narcos XXX

Narcos XXX main page

Narcos XXX is a realistic 3D adult game that is available on Windows and mobile browsers. Dubbed “The Sexiest Adult Game Ever Created,” Narcos XXX lives up to its reputation.

On the website, players choose between three ready-made characters (Pablo, Valeria, and Horatio). Each character has special features and unique abilities. Narcos XXX is 18+ due to its strong theme of violence, drugs, and sexual graphics. Narcos XXX is an ideal place for people with dark sexual fantasies.

Narcos XXX requires players to make a monthly fee of $39.95 to access the full site features. Payments go through a secure channel that guarantees customer privacy.


LifeSelector main page

LifeSelector is an intense interactive sex game that gives you a realistic experience. The website’s actions are more intense than porn because you get to have a free sex hookup and choose your dream girl to do as you please with her.

What makes LifeSelector addictive is that you’ll get a real-time virtual girlfriend who would please you according to what you select. You’ll assume the role of a real-time virtual man who’s open to many sexual options to choose from. Each sexual scenario is a show on the website, and you can select as many shows as you want.

There’s an extensive catalog of women to choose from. You can select women of any hair color, skin, or size. Several themed events will pique your interest so that you won’t get bored.

Although registration is free, users have to purchase credits to unlock the site’s most exciting features. The credits’ pricing comes in different categories, depending on the amount of credit you want to buy. Below is the current credit pricing on the website.

  • 100 credits – $9.95
  • 1000 credits – $39.95
  • 2000 credits – $59.95
  • 5000 credits – $99.95
  • 12,500 credits – $199.95

LifeSelector ranks among the best sites to enjoy adult browser games due to its fantastic design and customer service support.


GirlVania main page

GirlVania is a downloadable PC game that offers erotic content for lesbians or those who enjoy lesbian fantasies. GirlVania gives you an all-round exotic experience that leaves you hard or wet between the thighs. The realistic 3D dolls will provide you with a magical experience that would keep you immersed.

There are women of several skin colors, size, and shape to choose from. Players can decide to be top or bottom, depending on their sexual preferences.

Each girl in GirlVania has a unique voice and detailed skin, and while you prepare to get into action, these dolls massage, kiss, and get all over you. While registration is free, players must make a one-time payment to enjoy playing for life.

Wet Pussy Games

Wet Pussy Games main page

Wet Pussy Games features one of the biggest and largest sexual fantasy selections online. There are more than fifty different categories to choose from, and each category has subcategories that total to almost two hundred. You can choose a sex game for cartoons, BDSM, hentai, action games, etc. You can also decide to play the role of a judge or a slave master/mistress. There are thousands of female characters to choose from, with each character programmed with distinctive features.

What makes Wet Pussy Games more fantastic is that it’s free and open to anyone from 18. The site works better through PCs because it’s one of the few adult browser games online.

If you are willing to satisfy your sexual cravings or explore new ones. This is the ideal website for you.

Are These Games Free?

There are several websites online where you can play sex games. These sites offer you the chance to play as a single-player or play hookup sex with other players. While many of these sites offer free online adult games, other sites offer paid membership subscriptions for additional features. Users are either asked to pay a monthly fee or a one-time membership fee for sites with paid subscriptions. These fees do not come at a fixed price, so they vary, depending on the website.

All the sites reviewed above have safe and secure payment channels that enable you to perform a seamless online transaction. These adult dating games are available online, and while some are more enjoyable on PCs, most of them are available on mobile devices. To access them, visit the websites or input the names in your search browser.


Since adult games have started gaining more popularity, websites have battled it to produce the best content for users. These improvements, facilitated by a competitive market, have seen the rise of many adult games.

Online sex games are the perfect escape for the actualization of sexual fantasies and desires that would otherwise make people uncomfortable in public. With these adult games, you can explore your fantasies without feeling left out of the sexual world.