InstaBang Review

This platform belongs to a reliable and well-known media group Global Personals LLC. And the name of the company that owns Instabang hints what kind of a dating site is Instabang – for casual encounters. One of the best things that all users appreciate is that if you have an account on Uberhorny (another Global Personals LLC project), then you can access Instabang without a registration process. Just log in and you can start searching. And if you have an Instabang account, you can access Unberhorny.

About InstaBang

The site exists for over ten years and it is providing valuable and quality content to all the users of Instabang. If you are not interested in finding a wife or husband, and the thoughts about marriage freak you out, then Instabang might be the best choice for you. It is an interesting site that allows you to have fun and to meet different people. That way you can find out what you want from a long-term relationship. Or you can forget about everything serious and just relax.

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As it was mentioned above, if you have an account on Uberhorny, then you can sign in using that account. But if you don’t, then you can proceed with a pretty short registration process. You have to indicate whether you are a man, woman, or a couple. Yes, the couple can create accounts here as well, especially if they want to try something different.

Then you have to indicate your zip code. You need to check what is the zip code of your city, you can do that by requesting it on Google. Enter this zip code so that the app will connect you only with people nearby. If you are traveling currently, you can use zip codes of cities you visit. Then there will be a standard process where you have to indicate your age, email address, and to verify your identity by clicking on the link that you will receive via email.

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InstaBang Review

Search And Profile Quality

The search is standard, you can use different filters to locate people near you, who have something in common with you (sexual interests, hobbies, etc), and who meet your goals. While using the search, you will notice that some data from the profile will be displayed on the quick information section so that you can choose easily whose profile you want to view first.

The profiles are not as detailed as the profiles on the mainstream apps and sites which is logical due to the specific needs of members of Instabang. The profiles have three main sections each dedicated to profiling photos, basic information, and media. If the first two categories are clear, the media section is the unknown. In this section, all your activity will be recorded. You can also view other people’s’ activity and what they have been posting

Features of InstaBang

It has different interesting features, members can even gain money while using the site. You need to understand that the site has mature content and it is aimed only at people who are of legal age. You can use different filters to find people who fit your expectations, add users to your list of favorites, etc. But since the site is not free to use, you won’t be able to read and send messages, view who winked at you or liked your pictures, etc. There are other features that might be interesting, see them below.

Publishing Posts

There is a category that is called “Trending Now”. In this category, people can post different thoughts or pictures and other members, even free users, can interact with the person who made the post by liking it or commenting. If you are using this feature smart, then you can get invited on a date even without paying for the membership.


Since it’s an app and it is supposed to be fun and relaxing, it has different inbuilt games. But if you are thinking about something like “Tanks” or other similar games, then you are wrong. The app features games related to relationships and people. For instance, you can play a Who’s Cute game where you will see pictures of 50 different app members. You need to decide whether a person is cute or not.

Or you can try another game, that is pretty much the same as Tinder’s Swipe game where you can swipe right or left and based on both players’ decisions a chat will be created for them to communicate.


You can stream different videos or you can join other people’s streams. This feature is the reason why only adults are allowed to use the app. Most of the streams are more sexual and they are allowed to be viewed only by adults.

Premium Galleries

This feature is something new and a bit odd. You can create your own gallery and make it private. You can upload your pictures and if someone wants to see them, they will have to pay credits. It means that you can gain profit with this feature. And that is weird. the app was supposed to be a dating app for people who want to have some fun without responsibility or making an effort. This feature is suspicious and you start thinking whether the site is legit. Although comments of users are mostly good.



The site is legit and real, so you don’t have to worry about that. What you have to worry about are the fake profiles that are flooding the site. Since it has no verification process except the one with the email, anyone can join the community. But the good thing is that they have to upgrade their membership. If you are not sure whether the person is real or fake, you can check his profile. Most standard members are fake.

Customer Support

If you have any issues concerning this app or you faced some problems while using it, you can contact the support. You won’t receive the reply immediately, but you will gain help and support within one or two working days.


The good thing about this app is that if you are not sure if you will like the app you can pay only for a week. But the bad thing is that this week will cost you almost 10 dollars. it’s cheaper to buy a 6 months subscription which will cost you nearly 70 dollars, but the payment per month will be lower. It’s up to you to decide, but it’s one of the most reasonable prices compared with other services.

Pros And Cons


  • Different interesting features;
  • It is detecting local users;
  • It is for couples and singles;
  • Relatively low price;
  • You can interact with other people (posts);
  • Free messages for all users.


  • Fake profiles;
  • Weak verification process;
  • Some explicit content you might not want to see.
  • You can check out the app on your own so that you can make a decision.


The app is worthy of your attention if you prefer casual dating. But if you are looking for something more serious, this app won’t give you what you need.