Review Of CatholicMatch

In short, CatholicMatch is more than just a dating site for finding your love. It is a huge platform for Catholics all over the world to chat and acquaint with each other. 

The site said a new word in the Dating sphere as it is much different from some other popular platforms. It is a place that unites people of the same religion and tries to make them happier and get rid of loneliness. 

If you Catholic and don’t know there to find a couple for marriage with the same dedication to the Catholic religion then just visit CatholicMatch. Do you want to know more information about it? Then read this review. 

Pros And Cons 


  • The largest service for Catholics
  • There is an ability to receive 6 months of usage for free as a bonus in case you won’t find a couple in 6 months
  • You can verify the account by Facebook
  • Only for Catholics
  • There are special message forums
  • There is a special application


  • Many features, like messaging, are pay-to-use
  • Automatic match mechanism available only for those who have passed the questionnaire
  • Prices are not affordable enough

CatholicMatch At A Glance 

CatholicMatch is appealing and it is noticeable from the first glance. Not every site has such a colorful, detailed and user-friendly interface. This makes it more enjoyable to use. 

Furthermore, it is aimed only on Catholic persons and provides a number of questions about your religion. They are very specific and detailed and it is a little bit tiresome to answer them. 

All these peculiarities allow people devoted to Catholicism to find their soulmates and build a strong marriage in the best Catholic traditions.

What is CatholicMatch 

Do you seriously still don’t know what CatholicMatch is? It is one of the biggest platforms of Catholic dating. There are about one million users who actively use the site. If you doubt there is a lot of reviews of the real people who have already found their love. 

Furthermore, there you can find not only just a platform for dating but also a lot of message forums. It is quite an unusual feature which may interest you, just try it.

How Does CatholicMatch Work

The principle of CatholicMatch work is clear. All you need – just pass the registration and all the questions and start acquainting. There are a lot of interesting people to acquaint with. Moreover, you even can find people who locate near you and meet with them. 

There are a lot of abilities and ways of acquainting, for example, with the help of a special matching tool. But also you can find someone by yourself or with the help of early mentioned forums. It is quite interesting to experiences and your chances to find a Catholic partner are high.


Well, registration can be called the hardest part of the site usage. There is an enormous amount of questions about you. The questionnaire is huge and very detailed. But it is also can be considered as an advantage because this information can help you to find your other half much faster. 

There are questions from different spheres of your life: 

  • Appearance
  • Lifestyle
  • Background
  • Faith

The next step is the introduction of yourself which should contain no less than 150 characters. 

Are you already tired? Unfortunately, it is not the end. There are some more questions about your interests. And, of course, don’t forget to upload some photos! 

Though this long registration may seem really boring and unnecessary, it also useful for further acquainting as it gives other users more information about you. 

Search and Profile Quality


As it has already been said, the ways of searching a couple are different. Therefore it is at your discretion whether to do it by yourself, use the message forums or trust the searching tool. But you should know that using searching tool demands passing one more questionnaire about your interests and preferences. 

If to speak about the profiles on CatholicMatch, there are plenty of them. All people are absolutely different and every person has something to charm you, the peculiarity which makes him or her special. But there also is one trait that unites all the members of CatholicMatch – they are all devoted to Catholicism.

And if you wonder, how your profile and all information about you look.


Everything is standard, the same encryption as on other sites and the same precautionary measures. Sure, the site administration does its best to get rid of all types of fraudsters and make you feel safe and sound. But, for example, the problem of abandoned profiles is actual. 

Not everything is so clear on CatholicMatch but it makes much effort for your comfort. You know that caution is never superfluous. Just be accurate and don’t tell anyone such personal information as your password or bank account’s data.

Help and Support 

It is essential for a good dating site to provide an ability to support its users. That is why CatholicMatch has a special CatholicMatch Help Center where can you find answers on the most popular questions or ask your own ones. Therefore, don’t panic in case of difficulties, just find a help section in your menu. 

Prices and Plans

As you could already have noticed, CatholicMatch is not free of charge platform. For further actions after registration, you need to buy a monthly subscription if you want to continue using the site.

Though costs could be much more reasonable, totally they are the same as those in the other services. Therefore, don’t think that you will find a good benefit somewhere else. 

The prices are the following:

  • 1 month for $29.95
  • 3 months for $19.95 per month ($59.85 total)/li>
  • 6 months for $12.49 per month ($74.95 total)

The Bottom Line

Taking everything into account, the CatholicMatch dating site is a good website which you should try. It has something new to offer you and its services can change your life. This one and many other reasons mentioned in this review prove you the worth of the CatholicMatch dating site. Therefore don’t neglect this wonderful chance to find your Catholic couple and maybe even wife or husband, who knows. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to join CatholicMatch? 

Joining CatholicMatch is not difficult, moreover, registration in the site is free. All you need – answer a range of simple questions about your interests. preferences, way of life, religion and so on. If you have answered all the questions and confirmed your email, then you are a CatholicMatch member now. But you will get access to all site’s features only after buying a monthly subscription.

Is CatholicMatch safe? 

Well, yes, it is. All information that you provide to us is SSL-encrypted and it guarantees that nobody can get it. Of course, if you won’t tell it to someone. You should remember your password and don’t tell it to anyone for successful further CatholicMatch login. 

There are also some other means of security – URL bar and Privacy Policy. They are also created to prevent fraud. Moreover, they ensure that your personal data won’t be accessible to anyone. 

What features are free on CatholicMatch? 

There are not so many free features on CatholicMatch. To be more specific, only registration, creating your profile and searching is free of charge. Other actions are pay-to-use and you will get access to them after buying a subscription. The cost of a subscription is average. To get some more information about costs and features read this and the other CatholicMatch dating site reviews. 

What is the community forum? 

The community forum is one of the ways of communicating on CatholicMatch. All of them are only for Catholics who have registered on the website. There are over 20 of them and the topics of these forums are various. While discussing interesting for your themes you can find a soulmate who shares the same interests.

How does matching work?

The matching tool on CatholicMatch is based on your interests. Every piece of information about information can help you to find your exact match. Therefore, don’t neglect to fill in the questionnaire thoroughly.