The Truth About JerkMate

Searching for an ideal girl can take years, especially when you have certain ideals and try to follow it. However, everything can be much easier when you use sources with special filters that provide you with the ability to find your girl of a dream. Thanks to modern technologies, you can be pickier in finding a partner even just for sex.

And one of the online platforms that can give it to you is a JerkMate dating site. It is a perfect site for online masturbation. There are also some other peculiarities of the site that you can learn from this informative review of JerkMate. Take a look at this brief but useful article if you are a lonely man, and the theme is relevant for you.

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Pros And Cons


  • girls don’t count on serious a relationship
  • comfortable design and handy interface
  • you can find a partner for jerking really quickly
  • there is a free trial


  • it is not a free source
  • verification has some drawbacks, and also it is quite long
  • you should be careful At A Glance

It is difficult to notice something extraordinary when you visit JerkMate for the first time. Typically, all the sites are similar to each other, but their functionality is quite handy. Hardly ever, you will need any recommendations or guides for site usage as everything is easy peasy. Furthermore, even in the case you are not an experienced internet user, you will find that there is a site menu where all the sections are signed so that you can easily figure it out. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the design of the site is quite nice, despite the fact that it is a little bit plain.

What Is

JerkMate is an online site with a rather long experience in the online masturbation sphere and a big base of profiles of beautiful women. If you are disappointed in love, and you miss your sexual life, you can visit it and use this platform for chatting with pretty ladies and bring pleasure to each other. All the functionality of the JerkMate site was created especially for you to spend your free time much more interesting even if you are lonely. The emotions are fantastic, and what is really great, there are absolutely no risks. So, it should be said that JerkMate is a platform with a certain goal of making people happier without any promises or obligations. You may also get a description of it from some other reviews, which can be quite helpful.

How Does Work?

From the first step to the final, everything in the work of the JerkMate site is quite obvious and understanding. You start your adventure with the registration, and this process is thoroughly described in the next paragraph. Then step by step, competing what the site asks you will reach your goal and find an online hookup partner. The work of the platform is based on the aim of helping its users get rid of loneliness and find someone with common views on things. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities that can help you break the ice and keep in touch regularly.

Sign Up

The only process that separates you from starting enjoying is registration. And really it is not a big problem to go through JerkMate log in. Just take into consideration these few simple principles of it. First and foremost, signing up is free of charge. Secondly, it may take some time for you as you should answer a couple of questions about yourself. It is not so long, but the difficulty is that sometimes verification, which is really important, may take much time. It is the process that you will accomplish with your email, and you would better check your spam as well because sometimes messages from the JerkMate site are therein.

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Search & Profile Quality

It is quite simple to find a girl with likable parameters and features as there is a big choice on the JerkMate online dating platform. Furthermore, it offers plenty of filters for searching, and on the personal page of almost every girl, you will find some more information about her measurements, body features, and many other interesting facts. Your profile should also be full of real information if you want to have success among girls.

On the whole, profiles on JerkMate are nice, and their quality is good enough. You can be delighted with these girls and especially the way their profiles organized.


The safety of the site is the moment that still needs some improvements. JerkMate cannot provide you with full security for 100%. It doesn’t mean the site is dangerous or illegal. You just should be maximally cautious. Following all the steps on the site without trusting those who ask for information about your payment methods will keep you safe. It means you shouldn’t tell the payment data no one except for the site itself. So, everything is quite simple: you can use the site if you are ready to watch out.

Help & Support

If you are afraid of facing difficulties while using the site, then drop your doubts. You can receive help from a special Support Team of JerkMate. There are different ways of doing it: you can mail them or call. Try to clearly formulate your question to save time.

But there also is a good alternative to receiving support from the site. You should also pay attention to this variant as technical support may be too lingering in answering. It is Frequently Asked Questions – a section that you can find almost in every of the numeral JerkMate dating site reviews. There you can find some common facts about the site that can be quite useful for you.

Prices & Plans

One more question of concern is the cost of JerkMate. And really it is hard to say an exact sum you should pay. Everything depends on girls’ demands, which sometimes can be too high. Nevertheless, if you choose a free account, you can be calm about your money safety.

Therefore, if you want to use JerkMate on a regular basis, you would better to take care of your budget and save some money for the site, because some girls may ask even up to 70% before erotic.

On a note, you also can buy a paid account, which can provide you with more abilities and beneficial offers.

Final Verdict

All in all, JerkMate is the site that can be used by you with great pleasure. There are many advantages and strengths which make the site a worthy place for men. You can visit it for masturbation without any fear as all your data and money are out of danger. You choose the girl by yourself, control her actions, and can even turn on your camera as well. Everything depends on you, and you just need to pass through the registration and prepare some money for purchases on the site.



Is JerkMate Safe?

There is no certain answer whether JerkMate is safe or not. Nevertheless, it strives to keep its users away from fraudsters and scammers. There are measures that can prevent spreading your personal data everywhere and even simply outside the site. And it is your personal choice whether to trust it or not. You just need to know that there is no real danger on the site if you follow the basic safety tips.

Is A Real Dating Site?

Yes, JerkMate is an absolutely real dating site; however, its goals are a little bit different from the typical dating site’s ones. As you may already know, it is a site not for a serious relationship perspective. The main aim of JerkMate is a simple online cam-to-cam masturbation. There are not so many obligations or restrictions, and you can just enjoy yourself and your beautiful partner.

Is JerkMate Good?

There is no doubt JerkMate is good in its sphere. It has a good rating and a big client base. Its opportunities for online contact are rather quality and interface too. Therefore, it allows people from all over the world without any effort to get pleasure. You can visit the platform and rate it yourself.

How To Use

There are a few simple things you should know if you want to use JerkMate. You just need to sign up and create an informative profile firstly. The second step is searching, and there you can choose the girl you like most of all. After that, if you want to continue the site usage, then pay for it, and you can start messaging with one of those beauties. Then both of you determine the time of video calls.

Is Legit?

It can’t be said for sure whether JerkMate is legit or not. Nevertheless, it takes responsibility for the safety of your data, and nothing can jeopardize you if you follow all the precautionary measures. Just don’t be too naive and escape suspicious persons. Only people can be dangerous because of the site itself is quite quality and reliable.