SeniorPeopleMeet Dating Site Review

SeniorPeopleMeet is a special dating site for people over 50 years old. You know that nowadays life expectancy is rapidly increasing, therefore, it is a big mistake to give up on yourself at fifty. Seniors also deserve to be happy and it is not too late to fall in love as many people think. If you are reluctant to go to different places for finding a partner, why don’t do it online? Such dating sites as SeniorPeopleMeet is a good solution for your loneliness. 

To dispel all the prejudices about SeniorPeopleMeet and dating sites at all just read this or other SeniorPeopleMeet reviews. 

Pros And Cons


  • You can quickly and easily create a profile for free
  • The extended searching tool is also free of charge 
  • The interface is user-friendly 
  • You can find a person with the same interests


  • Most site’s services are pay-to-use 
  • The help section could be more carefully crafted and informative for seniors 
  • The searching tool could be more advanced

SeniorPeopleMeet at a Glance

For someone, it can seem a waste of time to sign up in the dating sites like SeniorPeopleMeet. But, really, it isn’t. There are a lot of old people who have given up and think that life is ended. They feel lonely and useless. If you register SeniorPeopleMeet you can prove yourself that you are not lonely. There are a lot of users there and it has good features for the convenience of using. 

Of course, the SeniorPeopleMeet dating site doesn’t noticeably different from other sites especially in the interface, but it has something to please you. For example, as it is specified in the older generation, it is clearer and more accessible. 

What is

SeniorPeopleMeet is not just a good dating service, it is the most suitable and convenient platform for elders. Don’t neglect this chance to find your other half and soulmate. 

There are different situations that seniors may have faced, for example, becoming a widow or widower, being far from children and grandchildren. And that is why it was so important to create such sites as SeniorPeopleMeet that could help people over 50 years old to find their adherents, friends, and lovers. 

How Does SeniorPeopleMeet Work

The principle of the SeniorPeopleMeet dating platform’s work is quite simple as it doesn’t differ from the principles of other dating sites. You start with the small and fast registration and filling in the questionnaire. The next step is searching for the persons who you like. After making a monthly subscription you can start using the site and enjoying new acquaintances. 

There are also some special features available for website users. For example, making a virtual gift to your partner. Another ability is called ”ConnectMe”. It allows users to speak to the people not identifying their personality. It is like a phone call but with some encryption mechanisms involved. 

Sign Up 

There is nothing difficult in the registration as it has already been mentioned. The registration form is quite trite and simple therefore the maximum time you can spend on it is 5 minutes. There are also some little things like confirming your email and creating a password. It would be better to write somewhere your password not to forget it as it is important for your further SeniorPeopleMeet logging in. 

You can upload up to 30 photos in your profile and provide detailed information about your interests. Than more prefers you specify than more chances to find the exact match you have. 

Search And Profile Quality 

Another meaningful moment you should know about is how to search people on the site and what is the quality of the SeniorPeopleMeet dating platform’s profiles. 

To start with, there is tangible importance in filling in the questionnaire truly. A lot of wonderful people are selected for you automatically according to your interests. But also you have the ability of an extended searching. It allows you to specify some info about a preferable partner. The small drawback is the lack of searching by persons’ location. 

If to speak about profiles’ quality, it is quite good. Of course, there are different types of them, but generally, it is absolutely real to find the other half.


Safety is an important point for every senior. It is not a secret that older people are more trustful and sometimes they are conducted on a bait of swindlers. 

Sure, it provides special encryption for the safety of your data. There is also a team of specialists who fight with fraudsters. 

But there are no strong guarantees that you are safe from all the dangerous and suspicious people who use the site. According to other SeniorPeopleMeet reviews, there is not so much information about the site’s safety. That is why you should be more careful and cautious, don’t trust everyone and what is more important, never tell your password or bank account data to anyone. 

Help And Support 

On such dating sites like SeniorPeopleMeet Support team is a standard feature. On the main page, you will see the way to connect with it in case of some difficulties. 

Furthermore, as the site is for seniors there also is a special guide to using the site with some useful prompts. But you already know that this guide could much more useful and detailed. 

Anyway, in the case of any difficulties, you can read this SeniorPeopleMeet review or some others and find the answers. 

Prices And Plans

You know, that not every feature on SeniorPeopleMeet is for free. The principle of its payment based on a monthly subscription. Prices are quite reasonable as all you need is just pay for a subscription and enjoy using all the features that the site provides to you. The prices and plans are the following:

  • One month at $29.96
  • Six months at $15.00 per month ($90.00 total)
  • Six months at $16.99 per month ($101.94 total) with profile highlight and Full Mobile Access

As you see, buying a subscription for six months is much more beneficial and cheaper. 


To sum up, SeniorPeopleMeet is a worthy dating platform. It meets all the requirements of a Dating site and has some functions made especially for elders. 

That is why people of the age of 50 and older can easily find their soulmates, friends, and lovers on this dating platform. Of course, it depends only on you whether to use SeniorPeopleMeet or not, but it is a good experience. The site, in addition, has a lot of awards and that is a good confirmation of its quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What services are free on SeniorPeopleMeet?

To start with, the registration on SeniorPeopleMeet is absolutely for free. Then, creating your profile, uploading photos and filling in the questionnaire are also free of charge. And last but not least, the process of searching and using the searching tool is also not paid. 

How to join SeniorPeopleMeet? 

There is nothing difficult in joining in the SeniorPeopleMeet. Just open the site and pass the small registration. Now you are already a member of the site, but if you want you can add more specific information about you and your interests in the profile. And one more thing, for starting communication with others you should buy a subscription. 

Is SeniorPeopleMeet a legitimate service? 

Well, there is no doubt that SeniorPeopleMeet is legitimate. Its owner is a registered business company People Media which has got a large experience in the dating industry. Therefore, don’t worry about this. 

How good is SeniorPeopleMeet? 

To begin with, the SeniorPeopleMeet dating site has a good aim – helping lonely seniors to find their couples. Moreover, its interface easy and pre-adapted for novice computer users. The site also has every essential feature for comfortable online dating. All these functions can prove that is really good.

What features does SeniorPeopleMeet have? 

Well, there are many special features on SeniorPeopleMeet. To start with, an opportunity to please your partner with a cute virtual gift. Another option is ”PromoteMe”, it makes your profile more popular and visible. ”ConnectMe” is an anonymous alternative to plain phone calls. And the last feature is ”ProfilePro”, it is created for you to help you with creating a maximally appealing and interesting profile.