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For a useful beginning of this article, it is better to give a short description of the WantMatures dating site. So that you can understand whether this platform is useful or not and save your time.

WantMatures can’t be a good decision for everyone because it has one certain goal. And if its purpose suits your requests, then why don’t you try the platform? The site is specialized in mature men and women who desire to meet their other halves. There are many stereotypes that it is impossible to meet your love in older age, and WantMatures is here to dispel them.

If this theme is relevant for you, then continue reading the review, where you can get more details.

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Pros and Cons


  • Quite a cozy atmosphere and comfortable design
  • Easy to figure out
  • Fun and easy registration


  • The service is not free
  • You should turn off automatically money recharge by yourself if you don’t want to spend money on it every month at a Glance

When a person chooses the most suitable site, appearance is a meaningful thing. And you shouldn’t worry because the design of WantMatures is quite good-looking. Moreover, it is easy to understand how the site works due to the order on the site. These moments make the site more appealing even from first sight. Seniors may feel comfortable on WantMatures because the administration of the site has made a great work to adapt the platform for them. You also can notice that many profiles have photos that make the site look brighter.

What is

WantMatures is a multifunctional platform for aged people who want to devote their lives to love. And if you think that your life has no chances to be changed, it means you haven’t ever visited WantMatures. This platform makes people believe in love again and let them know; they have a lot of things to do in their life. Therefore, instead of being depressed, just make the first step towards a new life – go to the WantMatures dating site. There you can find many gorgeous women of your age and younger who want to create happy families too. And a lot of special features will help you in your searching.

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How Does Work?

The work of WantMatures consists of some simple steps. The first one is a registration, and this action is crucial. After organizing your account, you can start searching for women. And it is very important to go through this step with great responsibility if you want to find your perfect match. And last but not least step is communicating. You can keep in touch with the partner on the site or arrange a real meeting. Different means of communication like text, video, and voice messages can help you to break the ice and start an exciting conversation. Furthermore, you can use the help of some special features.

Sign Up

Well, most likely, you have experienced an online registration earlier. If so, the process will be easy for you because it has nothing special. However, there you can see some tips that can increase your success in creating an attractive profile.

First and foremost, you should try to make a maximally informative profile with quality photos and info about your preferences in women. Secondly, it is better to choose your location as this step helps people to find partners locally and, as a result, save time and money. And also, you should enter your right email and verify the profile. Without it, you can’t get access to the site.

Search & Profile Quality

The next thing you should pay attention to is searching for another half. There are several methods of it. For instance, you may try a matching mechanism that finds a partner for you with the help of your common interests and preferences. On a note, location also plays a big role. An alternative way is to use searching tools and make everything on your own. This can be a longer process, but you may control it and take all the responsibility into your own hands.

Both ways of searching have their own advantages, and no matter what you choose, you will have big chances to meet your fate.

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You may think that WantMatures is a suspicious platform that just needs your money. However, you can be sure that the site doesn’t withdraw any extra money. Moreover, its administration does a lot for your safety.

Though WantMatures is not safe for 100 percent, it is not the site’s fault. There are many fraudsters on the net, and it is really hard to stop them. However, there are qualities that can help you escape them – accuracy and carefulness. Besides, you would better to follow the simplest precautionary measures like keeping your personal data in secret.

Help & Support

Also, it is real to receive professional help from the WantMatures site’s administration. Therefore, in case you have any difficulties with the site using, you can ask for some help. It is a worthy decision, but you may wait for too long. You are not the only one who writes or calls a support team for help. Nevertheless, Technical Support replies to everyone in quite a short time.

However, instead of the site’s help, you may choose the internet. Or, if to be more concrete, there are many reviews like this where you can find descriptions of functions and much useful info in the FAQ section.

Prices & Plans

One more essential moment you should know about WantMatures is its payment. There are many plans, and you may choose whatever you want. However, it is better to take into consideration that longer periods of use are more beneficial. The tariffs are the following:

  • 1 month of Membership costs $45.00
  • 3 Months of Membership cost $45.90
  • 6 Months of Membership costs $73.80

You may calculate this and come to the conclusion that saving is significant! You may save about $196. But you are still free to choose.

Final Verdict

Taking everything into account, WantMatures is the site that deserves respect. Its purpose is great, and thanks to sites like this, you may forget about loneliness. This online dating site is quite transparent, and you shouldn’t face difficulties. Furthermore, you may write technical support for help.

As the site is oriented to senior people, there are all the conditions for them to feel comfortable and not alone. If you are a mature man, then you just need to make a few simple steps to find a lady and start communicating with her.

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Is Safe?

Well, though it will be a lie to characterize the site as absolutely safe, it should be said that this platform strives to provide you with a high level of safety. The site has a Privacy Policy and special Encryption system that secure your personal data. Moreover, there is verification. The most critical drawback that spoils the site is scammers. And sometimes, you may face some of them, but if you will follow simple safety tips, it is easy to escape this problem. On a note, you may find these tips on the internet and in some of WantMatures dating site reviews.

Is Good?

It goes without saying that WantMatures is quite a good dating platform. In spite of some of its drawbacks, the purpose of the site is quite relevant. There are a lot of special features and abilities for seniors that can make the process of acquainting with wonderful women much easier. Moreover, the site’s administration always ready to help and support its members.

How To Use

There is nothing complicated in using WantMatures. You start it with a simple and quick registration. The next step when you can make a WantMatures log in is searching for suitable women. And after finding those you like you can go on dates with them, communicate in chats and also call these gorgeous ladies. Despite these essential steps, you also can use some special features that the site provides. It makes the process of dating more effective.

Is Legit?

The truth about WantMatures is that it is not ideal. Nevertheless, it makes a lot of things and strives to improve itself. And you may find significant changes. Though there are scammers and some more little weaknesses, you should understand that the site is almost legit. It doesn’t have forbidden content and takes care of its users.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

If you decide to delete your profile, you can search for this function in setting or write a letter to the team support. It may help to inactive your platform. However, if you don’t want to make many efforts, just choose your data in the profile for fake ones, and it can help you to abandon it without any danger.