WellHello Review

Different websites have different purposes making our life unique and diverse with various directions to follow. Some services are designed to satisfy the needs of those who are tired of being alone and want to start serious romantic relationships. Other services help people to establish international relationships and easily find partners for casual dating all over the world. WellHello is exactly the right site to deal with in case one wants to definitely succeed in some romantic affair.

WellHello is a great choice for those whos used to hang out with people for casual dating and have fun. Of course, there is always a chance to build something more than just a chat thing and this website also works great for this. But the WellHello developers affirm that users can use this dating platform for whatever reason they have and feel safe and be heard.

Registration is Easy

It’s very simple, and you won’t have problems while creating an account. The activation link to follow and easily create an account will be sent by email. There is a great and extremely helpful option of a free trial version for a user to get along with WellHello and then decide if the premium purchase is necessary. The entire is as easy as it gets and takes just a few minutes to complete.

WellHello log in


The registration process is very important both for users and developers of the platform. This is a safety measure to ensure that there are no fake accounts.

Then you can use the searching tool with numerous filters. Members who are interested in meeting other members create quite detailed profiles. It’s great since when you meet the person you at least know about him or her some information, interests, etc. You will have some topics to talk about to verify that you fit each other’s expectations and goals.

You can view information about a person’s sexual preferences (yes, the site is more for casual dating), and some personal details. The profiles can be very detailed. On one hand, the site is designed for meeting partners and it’s enough to know about their sexual preferences. Those personal details are very important and useful But you can find out about them when you finally meet in person.

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You can search for people nearby which makes sense if you are looking for partners for casual dating. You can filter these members and start some conversations to find out more. And you might be even invited to view personal galleries. But if your goal is a partner for casual dating, then you are using the right platform.

WellHello members


WellHello is an interesting service with quite unique features. You can view profiles and use some search filters for free, but only after you sign in. As any website found on the Internet, it has different icebreakers that make communication a lot easier. For instance, you can send flirts to other members so they will understand your interest. Or you can add them as favorites. But these are not the only features available.

Private Gallery

It adds some spice into the relationships. Just imagine, you can send an invitation to another member so he can view your private gallery. That user will understand that he or she is the only one to view your photos. It’s nice to receive or send such invitations.


As it was mentioned, WellHello is mostly used to find casual relationships, and here’s why. You can complete a relatively short survey based on your sexual preferences. You will gain a small reward after completion, but the information given will be used to match you will correct people.


You are not sure that this platform is for you? Then use a trial period. You have to log in and to pay only one dollar to see whether this site fits you. All the premium features will be available for you during this trial period.


The site is relatively safe. Why relatively? Because users are not supposed to identify themselves. For instance, some sites ask to send scans of IDs to verify whether the person is of legal age, whether he is telling the truth about his identity (if he is a real user). On the other hand, even with such measures, scammers manage to slither in and to create their fake profiles, so it’s not the best safety measure.

But WellHello has a safe Internet connection, so at least your credit card information that you use to pay for the services is safe. As well as your passwords and logins. The site itself is legit, it’s not a scam created to steal your money.


The cost of using WellHello is rather average. You can find cheaper sites, but some sites are more expensive while not offering anything valuable. One month of using WellHello will cost you almost 30 dollars – that is if you buy a one-month subscription. If you want to save some money, you can purchase a twelve months subscription and one month will cost you almost 13 dollars. The total will be 120 dollars.

A user can buy a trial period just for one dollar. Either way, you can create an account, view profiles – if you like what you see, purchase a trial period. If you are planning to use this site for the long term, then a 12 months subscription is better. But if you are not sure, just purchase one month.

Customer Support

Support is available and they will try to respond as soon as possible due to a great number of requests. Also, they have their weekends there and a user should note that before messaging.

WellHello support

Pros and Cons


  • Nearly free trial period;
  • Interesting features;
  • Easy to use;
  • Profiles are quite good;
  • It is relatively safe;
  • Search for locals.


  • Fake profiles;
  • Weak protection system;
  • The cost could be lower;
  • Lots of adverts;
  • Only basic information in profiles;
  • Site bots.

But at least it has a trial period for you to check out whether you like WellHello.


WellHello is an easy-to-use service for everyone. The review shows that it is used by people who are looking for something less serious, and more fun. It suits people who are tired of serious romantic relationships and want to have some fun. It is also used by people who want to try different things.